Conny Koreman

Conny’s song (uit from “conny the musical”, Notsp producties)

This is the song
of Conny Coreman
Who in contrary to her name
Is not in her Core a man.

Pretending to be one
There was a fire in her heart
That spread like a bush fire
After a very humble start.

When Conny was still Koen
Which, in Dutch, basically means courageous
Koen new that what she had to do
was nothing but outrageous

Because Conny was a man's man
Who did a big man's job
With her big man boots in Dutch clay
She was king of the crop.

Yes Conny could make you laugh
Joke, like all man do
Like bitching a bout the a missus
Like she doesn’t have a clue.

But the person we know now as Conny now
Who lived her live at night
Was miserable during daytime
And then she saw the light.

Because Conny knew who she was
And who she was about to be
And it all came to a showdown
Fathers-day 2003

Daddy what gifts you want
Do you want tools? A power drill?
What man thing do you cherish?
for what thing does your man-heart kill

First she was cryptic
Said what she wanted, was respect
But she knew, she wouldn’t get anywhere
Without being somewhat more direct

So to the question mark she received
the good oll gall replied
I can’t be a man, I won't have it...
And god knows I have tried.

One kid replied
I already knew this for a fact
And the other on was baffled
that he had fallen for the act.

At work the boss notices
a depressed look under growing hair
What wrong with you dude? Speak up!
Its not that we don’t care.

She gave a sigh and said
I feel alone at sea on a small boat.....
And sort of like a time bomb
Ready to explode.

And than she was cool
And looked him straight into the eye.
And said: friend.
I am NOT Koen I am conny
Do you understand

Yes I do, of cource I do.
`I know I under stand your pain,
And for the rest I am baffled
So could you please explain.

Then came the explanation
About genderdysphory
And the boss understood
Nodded and said: yes `Koen, eh Conny I see

But do your self a favor
Take it more slow. Don’t go as fast as you wish
If tomorrow you show up as a woman
Chance is , we will fry you like fish

And this may sound stupid
and maybe we don’t do this any more
But don’t try us for I remember,
we did it once before.

Conny analysed her situation
And came up with a plan
There was a round table conference
A talk from wo-man to man.

After two hour of talking
There was beer and they started to sing....
We are fucking ballast Nedam
We can solve anything

You will get the warm treatment
We wont put you in the fridge.
We will solve this problem
like we build a bridge.

First we notify the colleagues
For the client we take it slow
We will see how it works out
We figure it out as we go.

Next step is you will take a holiday
And we will get some rest
Talk to people fix your stuff
Take it in. Try to digest.

Then after the rest, the holiday
Came the 24 of November
Nervous for a day so big
She forever will remember.

That day she showed up
Dressed in her Chanel, lipstick an make up
There was something
That in here mind forever stuck

Was it a prize, was it a stautue
Was it a place in a hall of fame.
No it was just business card
With on the cards her new name

Clients reacted positive
And have up until now
Conny is very happy
Conny is a woman now

Conny is a pioneer
Has a job, can pay the rent
A pink helmet
And safety pumps
Conny is my hero
Conny is our friend.