Cast Iron Heart

I am a good girl, I am a bad date
Don't drink much, don't go out late

So when I dress up and go out, I play the part
of the blond bombshell, with the cast iron hart

Without my cast Iron heart, my safety net
I wouldn't be real hard, to talk me into your bed.

Without my cast Iron heart. I am dumb blond and naive.
Any thing you tell me. I will surely believe

But I have a cast Iron heart, so you're bound like all the rest
to break your teeth on the iron in my chest.

I don't care if some pour soul
doubts if I have any heart at all.

But don't make me wait till I am cold, old and dry
Turn on the heat to make my heart liquefy 

Oh boy set me free
from my home-made cast-irony.

Feel my heart beat.
As I walk down your street
come from your seat
turn on the heat

and make this pour old cold cast iron heart liquefy.